Electric Sweater
In recent years, the development of fibers or fiber assembles with built-in electrical or optical functionality has been an active area of research. These research and development activities are primarily driven by the motivation of creating multi-functional fiber assembles that can sense, actuate, communicate, compute, etc. Textile substrates offer tremendous opportunities to deploy sensors and other devices, built-in or embedded into the fabric-based network, to create large-area electrical and electronic systems. The convergence of electronics, electrical engineering and textile technologies has the potential to combine the positive attributes of each technology, the speed and computational capacity of modern electronics, with the flexible, conformable, and continuous nature of textiles. It is envisioned that the preliminary research in fiber-based electrical and electronic devices will pave the way for the development of fully integrated electronic textiles, or electrotextiles, with transistors and integrated circuits, sensors and other electronic devices, batteries, solar cells etc., built into textile structures. In this paper a novel approach is carried to design and develop a garment called "ELECTRIC SWEATER" for defence personnel. An electric circuit has been designed to generate and control heat as required. The product will act as protective garment to save soldiers from extreme cold and also it can be used for domestic and commercial applications too.