Flexible Solar Tent

The developing area of interactive electronic textiles is generating an abundance of literature within the textile industry. Presently, researchers in this area are working toward the development of interactive touch and voice activated wireless electronic textiles. The purpose of this research was to study the emerging area of interactive electronic textiles. Over the past ten years, photovoltaic power generation has grown rapidly worldwide, and is starting to contribute a noticeable amount of electricity production to public grids, especially in Japan and Germany. Electric energy from solar cells is still too expensive to compete with established power plants, but photovoltaic island systems located far from any grid connection have been economically successful for many years. The size and output power of such island systems varies over a considerable range from several kilowatts to less than one watt. They have a common layout comprising storage batteries and power conditioning electronics, as well as the solar modules themselves. Soldiers carry a daily supply of primary batteries, but limited power capacity and the continual need for re supply can limit the mobility, range, and mission length required for effective field operations. There is a wonder full scope for flexible solar tent in army application.