Illuminated Clothing
Presently tremendous progress is taking place in the safety and protective clothing system which protects the wearer from the harsh environment. High visibility clothing is a part of safety and protective clothing that reduces the pedestrian death or serious injuries; this clothing is made from reflective florescent material that acts as reflective personal safety product. An illuminated clothing system is designed and developed by integration of polymeric optical fiber material of PMMA. This material is currently used for data transmission in the communication sector for emitting the light signal at end. The end emitting filament is converted into side emitting by surface treatment to get illumination effect. The material is woven in a specific weave pattern to assess the light intensity, detail subjective evaluation is made for the end user and opportunities of integration of POF into the clothing system are investigated comprehensively. The illuminated clothing system is a design and developed for safety and protective purposes. It is possible to produce the woven fabric using PMMA for the purpose of glowing effect with slight modification in the weave geometry. The illumination effect on clothing system is also influenced by the different colours of LEDs.

Commercial applications of this product are
  • Advertisement purposes - it can replace the conventional neon board
  • For night patrolling of security, police men and mining department
  • For day and night players for displaying the chest numbers