Light up T-shirt
The black t-shirts sport a slim, bright, electro-luminescent design in the shape of a 3D graphic equaliser display. Just like the T-Qualizer they have a built in controller box which incorporates a wide sensitivity sensor - so when the music plays, the lights start to flash up and down as the music pumps away. Features Black cotton t-shirt with a sound activated 3D illuminating panel. Lights flash in time to surrounding beats. An advanced controller box with a wide sound sensitivity sensor. The 3D illuminating panel is powered by a detachable battery pack. The battery pack has an on/off switch to choose the flash. The battery pack can be unplugged for washing the t-shirt. The t-shirt is hand wash only.

The light up T-shirt is a t-shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer panel. As the music beats, the shirts equalizer lights up to the beat of the music. It is made from 100% cotton. It has a fully functional EL (Electro Luminescence) panel with a battery pack that snuggles discretely into a pocket inside the shirt. The end result is an awesome sound sensitive music T-Shirt that commands attention. Each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like the equalizer on your home stereo.