Dr. L.Ashok Kumar
Department of EEE
PSG College of Technology

Though fate is against fulfillment
Hard labour has ready payment
(619) - Thirukural

    1. Member Indian Green Building Council (MIGBC - IM 1050087).
    2. Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (94427673).
    3. International Society of Automation (MISA)000033706673.
    4. BSI Certified ISO 50001:2008 Lead Auditor
    5. Executive Council Member, Institute of Smart Structures and Systems
    6. Charted Engineer (India), Institution of Engineers
    7. Fellow Institution of Engineers (F-1227919)
    8. Secretary-Indian Association of Energy Manager/Energy Professionals- Coimbatore Chapter
    9. Life Member Indian Society for Technical Education (MISTE) (LM 36645)
    10. Life Member Institution of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineers (MIETE)(M-208781)
    11. Life Member Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (MISSS) (LM-190)
    12. Life Member Biomedical Engineering Society of India (MBMESI) (L 804)
    13. Life Member Telemedicine Society of India (MTSI) (LM 0022)
    14. Life Member System Society of India (MSSI) (LM28517)
    15. Life Member Textile Association of India (MTAI) (SILM/22518)
    16. Life Member Solar Energy Society of India (MSESI) (LM/1317/2008)
    17. Life Member Computer Society of India (MCSI) (M 01196142)
    18. Life Member Association of Energy Management Professionals (MAEMP)
    19. Life Member Society of Energy Engineers And Managers (MSEEEM)