Smart Pants
This circuit has been generated to develop the concept of wearable electronics clothing that will be able to power the equipment of the soldiers/wearers currently use, to monitor their vital signs during combat / critical situations, etc.

The continuous supply of power is required for the circuits used in the smart garment and communication is a key factor for the defence personnel. In the conventional system, heavy sized batteries weighing around 12 Kgs being carried for communication purposes. A person should be dedicated to carry this battery and all other communication devices. Above requirements can be resolved by incorporating a novel idea to generate power from body movements. This will purge the conventional method of carrying massive batteries and by this way continuous power can be supplied for the circuits used in the garment. The circuit for power generation circuit is embedded in the soldier's pants. Normally this system generates 5 V, the generated voltage is connected to a special type of chemical rechargeable battery which is placed in the sole part of the shoes; the battery weight is negligible when compared with conventional type of batteries