Dr. L.Ashok Kumar
Department of EEE
PSG College of Technology

Though fate is against fulfillment
Hard labour has ready payment
(619) - Thirukural

Subjects Taught
Under Graduate Programme
  1. C Programming
  2. Instrumentation & Control System
  3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  4. Microprocessor and PLC Technology
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Intro to Information Technology
  7. Microprocessors and its applications
  8. Basics of Engineering
  9. Network Theory
  10. Digital Electronics
Post Graduate Programme
  1. Control System and Automation in Textile Engineering
  2. Electrical Energy Conservation and Management
  3. Modelling & Analysis of Electrical Machines
  4. Power Electronics in Wind and Solar Power Conversion
Laboratory Handled
  1. Electrical & Electronics Engg Lab
  2. Computer Programming Lab
  3. Power Electronics Lab
  4. Control System and Automation Lab
  5. Microprocessor and DSP Lab
  6. C Programming Lab
  7. Instrumentation and Control Systems Lab
  8. Design Lab