Dr. L.Ashok Kumar
Department of EEE
PSG College of Technology

Though fate is against fulfillment
Hard labour has ready payment
(619) - Thirukural

Technical Experience
Project Exposure:
  • Fully automatic SHEET CUTTER machine from M\s.Jagenberg Papertechnic Ltd., Germany using Siemens S5-135U PLC including D.C drives, Euro drives, Servo motors, VFDs, load cell & Hydraulic, Pneumatic systems with Interbus Communications.
  • Fully automatic REWINDER unit from M\s.Jagenberg Papertechnic Ltd., Germany using Siemens PLC S5-100U including D.C drives, VFDs, load cell, Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems.
  • Automatic UNWIND ROLL STAND UNIT from M/s.Favelessa Ltd., Italy using Siemens PLC S5-95U includes hybrid counters, load cell, etc.,.
  • Automatic REEL HANDLING SYSTEM from M\s.Jagenberg Papertechnic Ltd., Germany(GmbH) with Siemens PLC S5-100U includes hydraulic systems etc., Controlled by OP393 operator panel.
  • Controlling of Speed Variations for DC motors using MENTOR II software of Control Technique, UK. In a closed loop control systems programmed using Drive Programming Language. With Touch Pad Operating Systems PARADIGM Software.
  • Microprocessor based Industrial AUTOMATION SYSTEM (prototype) using 8085 programmable Kit.

Operation & Maintenance of :
  • 110 / 11kV Substation 12.5MVA, 110 / 11kV Power Transformer with pneumatically operated SF6 breaker & Distribution Transformers 11kV up to 2000 kVA.
  • HT / LT Vacuum circuit breakers / Air circuit breakers.
  • MCC's & PCC's with different types of motor starters, AC Motors upto 355kW & HT Motors.
  • DC motors upto 250 kW with Digital Drives.
  • VFD'S of Siemens, Danfoss makes & Dyno drives.
  • Digital Thyristor drives up to 175 kW. Commissioning includes load test of DC motors & synchronization of all DC motors to the machine speed.